RSVP for Joshua’s 1st birthday!

Joshua will be celebrating his FIRST birthday!!

Date: 1st June 2008 (Sunday)
Time: Buffet lunch will be served from 12pm onwards.
Venue: 45, Bunga Rampai Place (Near Upper Paya Lebar).


To navigate around the area to plan your journey, please visit SLA’s maps. You’ll have to key in the venue address yourself, not that I don’t want to provide a direct link, but that I can’t. It’s friggin Javascript.

Or you can thumb through the pages of the conventional street directories.


There will be a small bouncy castle and an inflatable pool to entertain the little kiddos. If you have kids and are bringing them, please pack swimwear and an extra set of clothes for them!

Buffet lunch will be provided, so come on an empty stomach!


Please RSVP with me ASAP so that I can confirm the buffet booking and the size of the birthday cake.

See ya there!


12 thoughts on “RSVP for Joshua’s 1st birthday!

  1. RSVPing!! We’re all there! Whoot!!! x1 or 2 Adults and 2 kids.

    shell says: So it is x1 or 2 big 2 small? Lemme me so I can prepare enough food.

  2. AWWW!!!!
    I’ll miss the event by 2 days!!!

    shell says: Sorry lah. It’s gotta be on a Sunday to accommodate to everyone.

  3. Wah! Open invitation to all blog readers??

    shell says: Actually hor, no blogreaders just RSVP and appeared before. All too shy liao. *LOL* Mostly is all friends (who read my blog) will RSVP and attend only. But if you wanna come, I don’t see why not! :mrgreen:

  4. I is KIASU. I bought Joshua’s present already!!!!!!! Of course we will be there! Confirm with u the number of people ASAP ok? =))))

  5. Hi Shelly,

    I was looking around for birthday venue for my son when I chance upon your blog. Do you mind if I ask if the venue is for rental and if yes the contact for the venue?

    Happy belated Birthday Joshua !

    Thanks and Regards.

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