the most unfair thing…

Being a (almost) full-time stay-home mom, I think life is unfair.

The government doesn’t provide benefits to stay-home moms via childcare subsidies because, well, stay-home moms don’t work right? So they don’t need childcare services right?


For moms who are juggling for than one kid, or are attempting other accomplishments like school or freelance work, sometimes they could really do with some extra help at a lower cost. Especially when the child is still under 18 months.

But all that political and social policies aside, the MOST unfair thing to happen to stay-home moms would be the fact that we hardly get to take photos with the source of our daily work.

When it’s just mom and baby at home almost all day by themselves, who’s there to capture the endearing moments that are shared between mother and child?

Camwhoring only works to a certain extent, when there isn’t a fidgety young child to handle while trying to skillfully aim the camera lens at oneself and said fidgety child.

I only wish SOMEONE would offer to capture lifestyle shots of me and Joshie more often so that I’d have something to look back at when the kid has grown old and flown the nest.

The boy is teething again. Two tooth buds together. And he’s been more manja than ever. Wanting to be cuddled and lying snuggled on my chest as he sucks his thumb for comfort.

It’s so cute and endearing. So… sweet. Cos he’s usually so disgustingly independent that he rejects free hugs and would rather do some exploring on his own. And I want to just… capture the moment so that I can look back in future and feel a warm sensation engulfing my heart, knowing that once upon a time, long long ago, I had a tiny baby boy who looked to me for love, comfort, and all the other seemingly meaningless things that made his new life so complete and happy.

I didn’t know I could love someone so much that I would even lament the lack of photographic evidence of our relationship.

It’s symbolic. It means so much to me. But I’m not sure others can understand the capacity of this love inside me.

Similarly, I have no doubts that, at least at this point in time, that he loves me back just as much if not more.

Just this morning, I pretended to wail and he offered me his thumb to suck on. Without hesitation. Even though he was already sucking on it to lull himself to nap.

And when I smiled back at him, faking contentment and comfort from his willing thumb, he mumbled under his breath as if in exasperation, and wryly smiled back at me.

He loves me. And I never ever had any doubts.

I just wished I could create more evidence of our memories as tangible history that I can look back on when I’m old and wrinkled.


5 thoughts on “the most unfair thing…

  1. I totally agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. What’s the point of having lovely mummy and baby bonding time if there cant’t be any photographic evidence to remind us of them!!!! If I ask my hb to take a photo, he will take a shitty photo with the most tak-glam background or pose… urrrghhh

    shell says: My hubs also gimme shitty photo. Which is why I emo then I type this post. :mrgreen:

  2. Heh! We do get childcare subsidies what! only $75 whether it is full day or half day.

    NO photos, thats my problem too. We should all meet and take for each other.

    shell says: $75?! How many percentage of the total childcare costs is that?! Forget it lor… I still think subsidies should be given in percentage discount… 😆

  3. oh.. so sweet.. your boy is great.. as for the photographs.. can get a tripod or something with remote control? take pics for u..

  4. I’ll come and nua a day around with you once I hit the hols, okay babe?

    I miss the lil’ un too! Although, I AM still allergic to young children for long periods of time. LOL.

    shell says: I missy youuuuuuuuuuu….. 😦

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