hi, my nehneh shrank.

40D nursing bra?
Gone into storage long ago lor.

38C La Senza bra?
I think can keep a pack of tissue inside. And still got space to store my lipstick leh.

38B La Senza?
Still feeling a bit empty. Surely can keep some small knick-knacks like spare change and keys…

36C La Senza?
Sui sui lah. But must be padded hor.

Fwah. Marks & Spencers having sale wor!!
Simi size you wearing? 36B?!?!?

*prepares to jump onto MRT track and commit suicide liao*

When I said I wanted to be back at my pre-pregnancy size hor, I really DIDN’T mean my nehneh size hor.

OMFG. Continue shrinking anymore, no more nehneh left already lor. šŸ˜•


11 thoughts on “hi, my nehneh shrank.

  1. I am praying, hoping, wishing every single day that my neh-neh will shrink and looks like they haven’t. And guess what… I’m not even married with kids. Imagine the horrors after having kids? I will probably have to bid for bras off Ebay… and the sag… OMG!!!! Just shoot me or something!!!

    shell says: The grass is always greener on the other side…. *sigh*

  2. hahahahaha…..u very cute lah! Cracked me up completely! My nehnehs size sometimes fluctuate but they sure did ssssssssssag quite abit after a baby! =((((((((((

    shell says: Heng mine never sag. But really is shrinking away to oblivion liao… šŸ˜¦ Despite all the “bust enlarging” creams I rub onto them. OMFG. Time to consider tit enlargement surgery…

  3. oh wow..u mean it will shrink… I m already… :X … if shrink somemore… i will be left with wrinkled skin + rasin after it grew and deflate… oh man..u r scaring me… seriously..

    shell says: Ok, then pls read another blog. I always share scary shit one. šŸ˜†

  4. I wished I could lose weight dammitttttt

    shell says: I need to tone up my flabby skin dammit! Strangers been asking if I am preggy again. DIU LEI LO MO!!!!!!!!! I IS NOT PREGGY AGAIN!!!!!!

  5. *waves hands in front of chest*
    thanks hor
    even my fattening-up project has me only splitting my pants (yes I broke a pair of shorts) but not gaining a single.cm.on.my.breasts.

    Monkey is not fated to suck on a pair of fat tits.

    shell says: Nair mind. If u have baby, then you breastfeed, sure got bigger tits. Monkey can suck all he wants. But then baby might whack him for snatching milk… šŸ˜†

  6. liew, i want bigger tits lor. mine like mosquitoes nia.


    shell says: Your neh PASS hor. Shuddup and go away. :mrgreen:

  7. heiyer, your boobs are still bigger than mine lor hou mou. so jeles.

    actually, i wouldn’t mind having small boobs if that meant being a skinny bitch. but if i’m gonna be, uh, plump, might as well have the big boobs to balance things out right! kanina.

  8. chen – it doesn’t work out that way, sadly. I’ve been trying to fatten up. Well I have a nice tummy now. BUT STILL SMALL BOOBS. ='(

    I is sad.

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