A Hello Kitty Mother’s Day!

Hubs got me a Mother’s Day gift last week…

Hello Kitty DSL pouch

so that it will “complete” the set of my DS lite…

Hello Kitty Devil DSL decal

that I zhng-ed with Hello Kitty DS lite decals…

Hello Kitty Devil DSL decal

of Hello Kitty Devil (special limited edition available officially only in Japan).

Hello Kitty Devil DSL decal

It also nicely matches this pouch that I’ve been using for almost a year.

Hello Kitty Devil pouch

Hubs got it for me when I was in the early stages of breastfeeding Joshua and was in constant pain and frustration from my seemingly permanently engorged breasts.

To top it all off, Joshua himself gave me a “present”…

Yeah. It’s sweeeeeeeeeeet. :mrgreen: Can’t you see my baby loves me to bits?


May this special bond between mothers and child(ren) last forever.

07-05-08_The boy sleeps

I only wish… my baby would lay on my chest and rest… for as long as he wishes to. He’s only 11 months old, and I am already dreading the day when he will fly the nest to start one of his own.

*sigh* Mothers. :mrgreen:


4 thoughts on “A Hello Kitty Mother’s Day!

  1. Happy Mothers Day! You are quite a Hello Kitty fan, I see!!

    shell says: Yaaaaaaaah. Have been for a long time now. Don’t laugh huh! 😳

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