Joshua’s 101 sleep stances – weirder than ever

You can’t have a weirder sleeping position than this:

13-04-08_weird sleeper3

13-04-08_weird sleeper2 13-04-08_weird sleeper1

Other than, maybe, this:

18-04-08_weirder sleeper1

18-04-08_weirder sleeper2

Notice the bent wrist, upright foot and forehead used to support his body weight. I only like how his cute lil ass is up in the air.

Is it just an innate ability in babies to sleep in weird positions?

* See Joshua’s previous 101 sleep stances: Part 1 here / Part 2 here / Part 3 here


13 thoughts on “Joshua’s 101 sleep stances – weirder than ever

  1. hahahaha…..Joshua looked like he was wriggling around and then “suddenly” fell asleep…….Cute! =D

  2. hey shelly,

    I dont know if u remember me,im vern aka yihui and we used to be in the same secondary school plus same cca -dance club 🙂

    So cool to stumble on ur blog. And gosh u’re already a mother with a cute baby. I want a baby too…haha!

    shell says: Heysss!!! Yeah, I remember you! Used to wear braces, didn’t you? 🙂

    I can rent my baby out to you. $50/hr. Hahahaha 😆

  3. haha ehh i wanna babysit when im home! please? too many cute babies here i really want a baby too 😉

    ps yihui? my year??

    shell says: Babysit? Babysitting other ppl’s kids u get paid, watching your own kid no salary. 😆

    Yihui’s same year as me and Shihui. You should know her.

  4. omg shihui…..i remmeber her….we were all so……GEEKY!How exciting….connecting with ur past….
    Woo whos sueann though =D

    $50/hr? -_- think i’d settle with kidnapping one myself! =P

    shell says: Sueann is a junior, from Dance as well. Dig deep into your memory….. 😆

  5. I have my own set of incriminating weird sleeping positions but they include the hb so can’t show you… hahah

  6. heh i wasnt very regular thats why sueann wont know me. anyway i left my blog link. say hi when u’re there 🙂 i’ll try to blog more often. U’ll know what i mean when u get there. hurhur…

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