I’ll shave my head bald if you will donate $20.

UPDATE (26th May, 4.05am): Collection of $410! I’ve crossed the $400 target that I set!! Joshua has also collected $50 so far. Thank you to all the big-hearted people who have donated without hesitation. Let’s keep the donations coming in! Remember, no sum is too small or insignificant.

To those who have donated but have requested that I keep my hair, I regret to inform you that it is not possible. This movement is about bringing awareness to the children’s plight, as much as it is a charity event to amass donations. I have signed up to shave, and shave I will. But I will be requesting for them to cut off my hair first so that I can send it in to Locks Of Love to be made into wigs for kids in USA. Double goodness in one! :mrgreen:

For those who want to caress my beautiful hair one last time, please do so before 5th July (the event day). I will also be looking forward to those who want to come and support me, Joshua and PapaNash on the day itself.


I’ve been contemplating this for YEARS. But I was always (and still am) too chicken to do it.

Now that the Hair For Hope 2008 is coming round again, I am gearing up to take part.

But I am still chicken. (Actually I think it’s more of vanity than the lack of courage.)

So, if you can donate to the Children Cancer Foundation, and I can collect more than $400 of donations for the CCF, I’ll join the Hair For Hope 2008 and get my head shaven. Bald. For charity.

You can make your donations here, show me proof of your donation via screencap or email or whatever (my email address can be found on the right sidebar). And I will go get my head shaved.

My luscious head of hair for $20 of your donation to the poor suffering kids who have contracted cancer… That’s not too much to ask for is it?

I could (and probably still might) go get my head shaved (sooner or later) for charity. But how much can I do? But if you would donate $20 (which is a small sum to you) and I can raise more funds for the CCF, why not?

Of course, if you want to join me, Joshua and PapaNash to get shaven, we welcome the company. But if you’re chicken like me, and you yet you want to do something for these kids, DONATE. And I’ll get my head shaven on your behalf.
If you are wondering if you’ll look shitty without hair, I worry about the same thing too. Afterall, bald women aren’t that common on the streets.

But think about some sad little girl who would love to plait her hair or don a ponytail but she can’t because she has cancer and her hair is falling out in ugly clumps. On top of that, she constantly feels ill and is undergoing medical treatment DAILY.

How does THAT make you feel now?

So go on. Donate to Hair For Hope. And I’ll shave my head bald in support of the cause. A small sum to buy hope for some kids who struggle each day of their lives to stay alive and become healthy.

We’ll be waiting for your donations! πŸ™‚


You can choose to donate via any one of our profiles on the CCF Shavees’ list:

Mine / Joshua‘s / PapaNash‘s


14 thoughts on “I’ll shave my head bald if you will donate $20.

  1. will be donating but err. to another friend who has ‘booked’ me for the past few years.. oops. let me get my next paycheck first k? feel-rich people will donate more. πŸ™‚ ganbatte, woman! *salute*

  2. so if you dont get more than $400 of donations, you won’t shave your head?

    shell says: I’ll probably still do it. Although some of them who have donated to me have requested me NOT to shave. πŸ˜†

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  4. Don’t think I want to see you and PapaNash go bald but Sage has been bugging me to donate to have Joshua’s head shaved. So there, I have donated $50 to shave Joshua πŸ™‚

    shell says: Thanks!! πŸ™‚

  5. I salute you for this! I will donate,(when I can find the time to go down and do the donation. Trust me!
    As for me, I am chicken. (PS hope you dont mind if I link you and what you plan to do to get more donations.)

    shell says: Sure sure. Link link! :mrgreen:

  6. I applaud you.

    To help those poor little children and you reaching your personal target of $400, I have donated $100.

    However, please don’t shave off your hair.

    Hope my pathetic amount of money helps those children. πŸ™‚

    shell says: $100 is a lot to many ppl (and also to me when it’s nearing month-end. πŸ˜† ). Thanks so much for being supportive, babe. But no lah, this hair has got to go. It’s a promise made, with God as witness. You don’t want me to be a bad example to Joshua either, do you? :mrgreen:

    If you think I look ugly bald… Then I only meet you AFTER my hair grows out ok? πŸ˜†

  7. Just started a new job so it’s alot of money to me too…

    But, I get 3 positives results:
    1. The poor poor kids
    2. Helping you reach your target
    3. Stroking my own battered ego! Heh..

    Good luck.. Will arrange to meet up before your hair is gone. πŸ™‚

    *Actually bald also quite stylo mylo la…

    shell says: EH, got fat face then not stylo mylo liao… fat face + bald head = tak matching.

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