Ways I know my baby loves me

– When I lay on his lap and he gently caresses my head (and messes up my hair).

– When I cry and he offers me his thumb to suck on as a comforting tool.

– When I insist on hogging his thumb for extended periods of time (which to a baby is about… 5 minutes) and he does nothing to reclaim his thumb except to just plainly give an exasperated sigh and let me go on hogging his thumb.

– When I tell him to “stick close to mommy” (especially when it rains when we’re out or when we’re crossing the road) and he will hold on to me like a Koala Bear and lay his head on my chest.


– When he selflessly shares his favorite biscuits with me. Even if it’s the last one in the box.

– When he hands me a toy he happily is playing with, just because I say “Can I have it, please?”

– When he is keen to share with me every wonderful thing he has discovered and every new skill he has mastered.

– When he calls out “mama” whenever he’s in agony.

– When he looks deep into my eyes and smiles. As if to say “Mama, I love you.” ๐Ÿ™‚

– When a stranger holds him, and he looks to me to say “Mama, you’ll be watching out for me, right?”

28-04-08_pants on head

Yes, my baby loves me through his own little ways. And I don’t doubt it at all. ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “Ways I know my baby loves me

  1. I like the picture that he is laying his head on your chest, my baby only does that when she is extremely tired…guess mine is not meaty enough..sigh…

    shell says: Ya. PapaNash complained of the same thing too. Must be not meaty that’s why Joshua don’t want. Hiak hiak. :mrgreen:

    Joshua only does that when he is teething or sick lah. On normal occassions, hard to get him to sit still on my lap and lie down.

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