Joshua’s first birthday party!

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the event… Because arh, it is damn tiring going up and down, round and round, updating guests on Joshua’s latest developments and then doing catching up with friends whom I haven’t met for months. Some of which I last saw during Joshua’s full month celebration (which also had no pictures). Fwah. That’s a lot of catching up to do, okay?

Anyways, I recognise the beauty of inviting an active blogger to the party… I get FREE full event coverage!! HUR HUR HUR. Check out Pamela’s blog for pictures of Joshua, his birthday cake, the buffet spread and *ahem* her camwhore pics.

Also, here’s the open plea to anyone who was at the party and have photos from it. I know lots of you took photos, so please please please upload to the facebook events page for us all to share and see! You can even upload your camwhore shots if you want to lah. :mrgreen:

Speaking of which… NONE OF YOU ASK ME TO CAMWHORE WITH YOU ALL LOR!! πŸ˜• *angry* Don’t say I was busy ok?! Bo xim is bo xim.

Thanks for the pressies, angbaos and attendance! It was all greatly appreciated. Joshua managed to haul in a 4-digit amount! College fund! (Although I think he will probably start using the money to buy toys and games before he even gets to college…) πŸ˜†


6 thoughts on “Joshua’s first birthday party!

  1. Wei !! hahahahhha.. must u declare to the world that I camwhore hahah even though its EVIDENT… but still!!!! hahahahahaahaa….

    *stick out tongue*…

    Happy Birthday Joshua… πŸ™‚

  2. And.. I totally forgot to camwhore with u lah!!!!! hahahaha next time.. I wun panchan u liao… prepare ur most favourite profiles hahaha

  3. Happy Birthday to Joshua!! That was some party you had! I should have gone. Hmmm… next time I know which caterers to go to. The food looked yummilicious. Do they insist on a minimum of 50 pax for that menu?

    shell says: 30 pax. You can check out the link at honeymeow’s post. πŸ™‚

    42 pax and above, waiver of transport charge.

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