What better way to take a break?

I’ve been studiously chiong-ing my Advertising module assignment since 2am. It’s now 5.19am. What better way to claim a well-deserved break by ranting (and occasionally raving) at my personal online space?

I have to say searching and collating secondary research data is a biatch. I hate sieving through the tons of irrelevant bullshit for just that ONE piece of valuable information. Thank God for the Durex Sex Survey results, else my job will be more challenging than this. (I’m working on a campaign to increase local birth rates. Sex is a BIG part of it, ain’t it?) :mrgreen:

So the radio is on, the night is quiet, and it is such a perfect time to be emooooo. But nah, don’t feel like it today. I picked up a few cheap fabulous buys from Cotton On in the afternoon and I’m simply too chirpy to whine. How rare. 😆

I have to shamefully admit that the personal quit smoking campaign has fallen flat on my face. I just cannot stay productive all night without nearly chain-smoking. It’s a bad habit I’ll have to break sooner or later, but thankfully this will be my last module in school, so I’ll be spared from late nights of assignment completion from then on.

My Target Spree has closed and orders have been placed already. I ran my overdue errands and picked up some useful things (along with half a dozen of useless ones) during my 4-hour trip to Plaza Singapura. I did a load of laundry. I feel… efficient. Hur hur hur.

I keep wanting to snap the pretty things I got, but I just don’t have time for it! Damn! Yes, the wardrobe had some new additions to its already burgeoning fashion repertoire. *giggles* I need to stock up on clothes that will suit a bald head mah! *giggles again*

In any case, I’ll be getting rid of quite a bit of pretty stuff during the Flea.Fly.Flo.Fun event on 14th June. I’m selling these beautiful, mint condition Nué shoes (worn only once cos my feet shrunken)! Hopefully I can lelong them off at $50, then erm… maybe I can recuperate Hubs’ losses? 😆 Anyone wants to reserve??

Ok, back to work!

P.S. PapaNash PROMISED to bring me to Build-A-Bear next week so I can “build” my very own personalised Hello Kitty doll!! Oh joy joy! You all be witnesses if he goes against his word.

P.P.S. Joshua updates coming once I finish up my assignment. I promise a cute video of PapaNash and BabyJosh sword-fighting with their makeshift light sabers. Complete with “woooong boooong” sound effects. 😆


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