Happy the way I am.

I wonder how many times I’ve blogged about this, but I can’t help but mention it once again.

Some people who are so sensitive about their weight/figure, that when asked to display the 21kg weight loss that they OPENLY ANNOUNCED on their blog, they get all hung up and defensive saying how they are not trying to show off their weight loss and boast how slim they are now.

PLEASE LOR. Do you have your head stuck so far up your arse that just because you lost 21kg, others would think you are now slim and pretty? And why openly declare your weight loss stats if you’re not trying to prove anything?!

Once again, please get this straight: Pretty has got nothing to do with slim. You can be stick-thin but still have a fucked-up face. You can have a pretty face, but have excess weight (aka moi).

I don’t have to steer clear of any foods, unless I want to. I generally have a good appetite for healthy foods. I’m not a starch lover. I just eat what I feel like eating. I’m not stick-thin, hell, I’m not even “slim” per se. But I’m not constantly putting on weight and I keep myself in check with regular exercise or moderate diet control.

What I’ll NEVER do is to shove my mouth with slimming pills and go through a whole slew of uncomfortable side-effects (nausea, insomnia, gassiness, diarrhea) just to get my weight down to a certain number. I’ve tried those before when I was 17 and stupid. And I’m never going there again.

Popping pills ain’t going to get your stamina up. You’ll still be cranky everyday cos you ain’t getting any adrenaline or endorphins from nowhere.

Keep off those damned pills, I say.

If you can’t be bothered to do anything physically to get rid of the weight, then you should just learn how to accept your (fat) self and be happy. Like me! :mrgreen:

FYI: I really don’t think I am fat. I could do with some work, but I really don’t think I’m FAT. I just have some curves. 😆


3 thoughts on “Happy the way I am.

  1. Unless, of course, you are in desperate need to lose weight (i.e. health conditions), I believe that as long as you are happily and healthily fat, it is okay.

    shell says: That I agree.

  2. eeeyer i loveeeeeeeee your entry. Any please lor, you are not fat. I am! hahaha. But nvm as you said, fat can slim down, ugly duno plastic surgery can work or otherwise. =p

    shell says: Hooray for the pretty faces! :mrgreen:

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