Sales! Woohoo!

This year’s Great Singapore Sale is right up my alley! I’m not loving the recent seasons of Dorothy Perkins though.

I’ve managed to chomp up some really good deals so far, but I am too preoccupied with my life to snap pictures and post up. :mrgreen:

Today I’m dressed in olive green (one of my fave colours!) stretch cargo pants ($10 from Cotton On) and brown sparkly racerback top ($8 from Marks & Spencer). I’ve got new lace panties ($5 from too! Hur hur.

Only thing that ain’t brand new is the black lace bra (36B sob sob) I got a few weeks ago from Marks & Spencer for $30 when their sale first started.

But all in all, everything I’m wearing out today is pretty darn new. And all super darn cheap.

Yes, I know, Jacq. I’m a shopaholic. :mrgreen: But how to resist sales?!

Now… Just wait til my boots and bags are here from Target USA!


4 thoughts on “Sales! Woohoo!

  1. BOOTS BOOTS!! *hyperventilates*

    yesterday night i was going through the shopping section of your blog and having orgasms as you go through item by item. you jin lihai at getting deals leh!

    shell says: Next time go shopping with me lor… :mrgreen:

    I think it has to do with the fact that I’m not exactly average size, so I can get all the “fat people size” (as some chicks like to call it) at damn good prices.

  2. *agrees with cakie*

    i complain to bf that u always get good deals and i get none. maybe its the age thing :p wait a few more yrs and i might get your eye at good deals/stuff!

    p.s: i having LS spree now, want or not :p?

    shell says: It’s called the Auntie Power. 😆 Yeah, some years later you might be able to cultivate the same power.

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