bald or not?

I’m sure a lot of you remember my recent post about joining Hair For Hope 2008 to shave my head bald in support of the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Now, the problem I have here is this: Half of the people who donated specifically requested for me NOT to shave my head bald.

Some people said I will look like a fat nun (amitabhat). Others said can channel (fat) G.I Jane aura. The rest just said I should consider getting a wig, scarves, or and assortment of hats to cover up.

I personally feel that this is a commitment I’ve made by signing up, and I should go ahead with it.

But what do you think? Bald or not?

P.S. Either ways, I still intend to send in my chopped hair to Locks Of Love.


7 thoughts on “bald or not?


    There is no correlation between your bald head and helping children with cancer!!!!

    Don’t do it!!

    If you die die wanna do at least something similar to getting a BALD head, just cut shorter hair or something.


  2. ahahahahaha *see what I told you (referring to cake’s comment)*..

    anyway, i support whatever you want lah okay. 😛

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