living as before

For once, I am the first to clock enough sleep and be the first to wake in this house (kittens excluded).

I actually woke early enough to be in the right circumstances to be emo.

Barely there sunlight
the birds just started chirping
that short silver of time when quietness slowly transcends to the bustling activity of day

New headphones in place
ready to fill my ears with the same old tunes


The moment I’m unwilling to get out of.

No happiness in this world
can ever pry me out of these silent moments
where I sit and just

In a home where everyone else breathes
the slow breath of relaxed sleep
my heart is the only one beating
fast from the memories

Wounds still
too fresh to heal over
barely started

You hurt me in ways
I never knew existed
How cliché

I already knew I couldn’t just let go.


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