Awake for 40hrs on end!

Quick! Worship me! I actually haven’t laid in bed for more than 40 hours!!

I woke from my last sleep at approximately 3pm on 11th June 2008. I wonder how much longer I can stay awake (but I am seriously not sleepy yet). But I think for Joshua’s sake, I should at least go lie down and play Sudoku or read until I fall asleep. 😆

I still have a flea mart stall to run on Saturday!

Yes, cakie. I “stole” your image. :mrgreen:

It’s strange how awake I still am despite all the activity that went on in the afternoon (Thursday afternoon, that is). I ran some errands at Plaza Singapura (again), had lunch with Joshua at Yoshinoya (yes he ate and he loves the darn Japanese rice) and we trawled the malls together.

We ended up at The Cathay, where I bought tickets to the midnight show of “The Happening” (which was not very happening but gives much thought about protecting Mother Earth) so that Hubs and I could sneak out for a date later in the night.

Joshua and I went for Starbucks. He had a crossiant and some Mango Passion Fruit Frappe. I read a couple of pages of Freakonomics (yes, I’m ridiculously slow to catch up on book titles).

Then my aimless wandering brought me to a shop I LURVE… And I got a “secret purchase” that has a price tag that should NEVER be revealed to Hubs. Fortunately he isn’t the type to probe, or else I will surely crumble under the pressure of his constant questioning and reveal the shocking amount. Even if it IS black rhodium plated and so beautifully quirky (to me)…

Can you guess what it is?


Answers… After the jump! :mrgreen:

It’s a ring!!


And I frickin love it! If not I wouldn’t pay that kind of price for it lah…


Hubs says it’s damn artsy-fartsy and very me on days when I dress the part. And that’s what I love about it! The design is SO unique and and I find the metallic curves so… irresistible.

I’ve never seen any ring like it before, so I simply had to have it. I’ll be paying through my nose for this one… *envisions myself eating grass for the next month*


4 thoughts on “Awake for 40hrs on end!

  1. nice…is it heavy?

    shell says: It’s a bit heavy, but I have thick and long fingers to hold it up! :mrgreen: I like heavy rings laaaaaah, so I’m not complaining.

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