my shopping haul

Because I got nothing else “smart” to blog about. I’m a bimbo, remember? :mrgreen:

My favourite Hello Kitty!! Was damn lucky to chance upon it at Novena Square’s Watson’s. The stuff was so new, half of them weren’t even tagged with prices yet!


From left, clockwise: Bath sponge (cutesy and Joshua loves it), nail buffer, perfume (smells lovely!), strawberry lipbalm (with super huge Hello Kitty figure), Hand & Body lotion, nail polish, face towel (its expands after u pop it into water!). $40+ for everything you see here.

I was sibei happy hokay! Thanks Hubs! 🙂

There was still various sizes of shower+bath gel, shampoo, lip gloss (in 4 colors) and eyeshadow. There’s this big Hello Kitty plastic figure that comes with shower gel inside, but you have to PULL OFF HER HEAD in order to access the soap. I found that outwardly freaky, so I didn’t buy it.

I would have taken pics of the pretty pink/purple store display as well, except the Watsons staff hurriedly stood in my way and said “No pictures.” I asked her why cannot, she said the supplier stated cannot let allow photography of the display/products. 😦

16-06-08_Cotton ON

11 pieces of Cotton On clothing. Sibei shiok. I just basically grabbed and grabbed whatever I fancied then went to try them on. $5, $7.50 and $10 each leh! How not to buy?! Nash got some men’s polo tees as well, but not as scary as what I got… 😆

If you want to shop the Cotton On sales but want to do without that constant crowd in the store, hit the huge outlet they have at Novena Velocity (linked to Novena Square). They have more styles than other stores as well.

My shopping haul for Sunday! Woohoo!!!!!!! *bimbotic giggle*


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