fighting the lazy gene

I have been tired by nightfall. Every day for the past two weeks. With such a tight schedule, how could I not be?

I had finally found a way to slowly stave off the dominant “lazy gene” in me.

The trick to it all is: If you need to do it, just do it.

Even if what’s happening on your TV/computer screen is really interesting.
Even if you feel like every ounce of energy has been sapped out of you.
Even if it could possibly wait until tomorrow.
Yes, even if you really REALLY REALLY don’t feel like it.

Just do it.
(I’m sorry I can’t say what I want to share without sounding like I’m repeating a Niké ad.)

So bit by bit, I’ve been conquering the tasks I’ve so conveniently pushed to tomorrow. Then tomorrow. Then tomorrow. (You get the idea.)

Obviously, there is now A LOT to be done. And who’s suffering? Me, of course. The lazy idiot who felt it was a better idea to push back my tasks than to just do it.

I started by doing the little everyday things I didn’t feel like doing. Boiling water, getting myself a drink, putting my shoes back into their respective boxes. Small little things that actually can wait, but just start small first. Then we can move on to those BIG tasks (eg: rearranging your room) that take more time and effort.

So far so good.

Hubs had to kindly remind me to not push myself too hard and end up falling ill. He hates it when I’m sick because I get all whiny and dependent. (Actually, no lah. I think he just doesn’t want me to be ill cos you won’t want anyone you love to be sick, right?)

When I collapsed beside Hubs on the couch to take a break, I asked him, “Now I’m worth every single cent right?” He gave me the sweetest answer ever.

“You’ve always been worth every single cent.”

Awwwwwwwwww. :mrgreen:


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