HALP (HELP)!! Shopping addiction!

I think I’m starting to fall into a shoes/bags/accessories phase of my shopping “career”.

The recent additions to the shoe collection…

– Yoga Slip-Ons from La Senza

Medium Impact slip-ons

– Medium Impact Slip-Ons from La Senza

Yoga Slip-ons

– Xhilaration Brown Freida MidShft Boot from Target


And I just ordered another pair of boots and a pair of gold/black Havainas

Then the bags…

– Isaac Mizrahi for Target Buckle bag

Buckle bag

– Isaac Mizrahi for Target Classic Tote

Classic Tote

And then I am eyeing this YakPak bag going on sale at Hot Topic… No need to eye it anymore. Completely sold out already. 😦

I haven’t mentioned the headgear I’ve been looking to buy to cover up my soon-to-be bald head.


And to think I am already discounting away the Hello Kitty stuff and the ridiculously cheap Cotton On stuff I bought. And the stuff I got from La Senza to sell at the next flea.fly.flo.fun event in August (trust me, it is SERIOUSLY cheaper). And that expensive “sperm” ring.

And the authorisation I got from Hubs to order a whole horde of clothes from Victoria’s Secrets. Clearance section, of course. I am auntie, remember? :mrgreen:

I think I need psychiatric help. I have shopping addiction!!

But seriously, I’m sure the whole world knows I have problems with curbing shopping by now. *repeats to self* “There are happier things than shopping. There are better things than shopping.”

But seriously, I am not spending out of my budget. Yet. These things are so uber-ridiculously cheap, you won’t even believe it.


P.S. I will have to blog less about my shopping from henceforth, because there are “old people” reading my blog and my ears will be nagged til they fall off by these “old people”. Old people, you know who you are. :mrgreen:


Oh oh! Maybe I can lock my shopping posts. Then only my shopaholic friends can gain access. HURHUR.


Sales section coming up soon in this blog. Look to the tabs under the blogheader. 🙂


5 thoughts on “HALP (HELP)!! Shopping addiction!

  1. you are seriously addicted lor.

    Maybe I should lend you my shopaholic series books.

    Hur hur

    shell says: Wah lau. You read sibei ghey stuff.

  2. =[ I haven’t had time to go shopping and buy something for myself since a pair of Nikes about 1 month plus ago.


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