“Building” bears

We went to Build-A-Bear at Plaza Singapura on Saturday, and we “built” our own plush toys!

I got the limited edition Tropical Hello Kitty ($38.90). It’s a gift from PapaNash!

Tanned Hello Kitty

And she wears Hello Kitty panties.

Kitty's Undies

I would have gave her a Hello Kitty mini tee to wear, except I found it damn weird for her to be wearing a tee with her own face on it. She’s currently dressed for lounging around at home.

Check out her name on the “birth cert”:

Kitty's "birth cert"

The cashier was like, “And your kitty’s name is…” *looks at cert and stuns* I told her she didn’t have to read out the name since there were kids around.

Of course, Joshua the S.N.A.G wanted a plushie too. And this is what he picked:

Joshua's bear

Meet Fiona the Bear ($17.90). Don’t ask me why. He picked the name.

And he also tottered over to the shelves and picked out the pink tutu she wears.

Pink Tutu

Somehow he decided that this bear had to be a girl. And she has to wear a pink tutu. We put back the tutu several times, but he just kept going back to point at it and insists the bear has to wear it. We wanted to get a top for the bear, but he refused. Don’t ask me why. Ask him. *points to Joshua*

Fiona Bear’s birth cert:

Fiona bear's "birth cert"

I had to fend off accusing comments from the in-laws about WHY this bear is a girl. They said it should be a boy since Joshua is a boy. Really, DON’T ASK ME. 😕

PapaNash says it’s CORRECT for Joshua to want a girl. He’s a boy, so his bed-mates should be girls. If he picked a boy, then it’ll be more gay, isn’t it? I don’t know, and honestly I don’t give a shit. Joshua still adores cars and motorbikes. But, does it really matter?

All I know is, I want to get a bathrobe for my Kitty. Plaza Singapura’s store isn’t very well-stocked so I’m going to re-dress my kitty. I just didn’t want her to be “naked” while I find the perfect outfit. :mrgreen:


4 thoughts on ““Building” bears

  1. The panties very tight for ms slutty, later got rashes..

    shell says: 😆 She slutty. The panties will come off very soon… :mrgreen:

  2. wah, he got very good taste. he choose hot babes ‘fiona xie’!!
    i’m a girl and i name all my bears boy names…sam, samuael, simon, stefan…
    so its true la, choose boy bear means gay.

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