I feel so… spammed.

All the sprees are closed for now. 3 batches of Old Navy/GAP, 1 batch of Hot Topic, 1 batch of Urban Outfitters. The past few days were crazy.

Old Navy/GAP were unable to verify my credit card, so I had to CALL them alllll the way in USA to verify it. But it was quite a new experience to be doing a 3-way conference call between GAP staff, DBS staff and me. 😆 I am easily amused.

I am seriously seriously boycotting stupid Victoria’s Secret. The stuff I ordered from them (for myself) was so problematic that I really want to be spared from it for life. Not to mention, I still feel that they’re overrated. Especially their exorbitant pricetags. I’m only ordering bottoms from them because they’re cheap. Cheapos suffer for the sake of being… cheapo. :mrgreen:

My Havaianas have reached my US address too. Now I just have to wait for the personnel to match up the slippers to my account and inform me that they are ready for shipping towards SG. I have almost slipped and fallen so many times with my 3-year-old pair of olive green Havaianas that it is truly time for them to retire (despite still looking very pristine).

Everyday is shopping day! But online shopping is truly more perplexing than mall shopping. All the emails, long-distance phone calls and checking of invoices and delivery statuses. Can faint. 😕

Off to catch “Wanted” at The Cathay! Angelina Jolie (with tatts not air-brushed off the film) w00t!


5 thoughts on “I feel so… spammed.

  1. Hi Shelly, I’ve been one of those silent readers of your blog some time now. Would appreciate if you could let me know how you settled the credit card verification with DBS and Old Navy. I faced the same problem and I had to cancel the order cos I didnt know how to solve it. I’d love to be ordering from Old Navy again.

  2. Hi! I hope i’m not bugging you but may i know how did you solve the problem with pruchasing old navy stuffs using singapore credit card? was using comgateway yesterday & its a nightmare. not only i gotta to pay them 5% of the amount, they missed out some items i ordered claiming they are out of stock and ask me to re-order again when i told them the items are still available. Its so frustrating as it means i gotta pay for 2 boxes of shipments (means more $$$) when the problem doesnt lies with me. argh! and i wanna spree! they got extra 20% discount on clearance items!

  3. Hi, can i know how did u solve the dbs card issue with oldnavy? I tried 2 times with different bank company but still got rejected. So angry cos wanted to buy stuffs for my kids. >.<
    Would appreciate ur help!

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