Brain overload = random nonsense

Names, numbers, financial figures, emails. I think I’m born for the life of a bimbo. Like, seriously.

I need a break after this whole slew of sprees. My body finally protested by breaking out into a fever. Congrats.

Sprees were never supposed to earn you any money, but what’s worse is when you make countless overseas calls to USA to sort out the billing issues, and promptly get put on hold for extended periods of time as the clock ticks (and the phone bill increases).

Actually, it’s not even the matter of overseas phone bills. It’s the matter of the whole shebang being so troublesome with lots of liaising to and fro with the bank and the overseas merchant that really irks me. Especially when you are accountable to a few others whom you do not know.

And the fact that you have to be up overnight to call since there’s a significant 12 hours’ difference in time zones.

Hubs said, “Darling, it’s so not worth the effort. Next time just buy what you want, regardless of shipping costs etc etc. Don’t bother to spree to ‘save money’.” So true. And I feel so loved. 😛

In the midst of all the spree chaos, I still have to squeeze out time to study for my exam on the 8th (explains why I’m still up at 7am). Seriously. Now I truly understand the term “too much to handle”.

I have no comments about people who juggle family, work, studying part-time, etc. They have super powers, I don’t. In fact, I have like, super low tolerance/patience with almost everything. Nuff said.


I was sorting out my stuff in the wardrobe, and I think… I SERIOUSLY need to go on another shopping ban. Like, PERMANENTLY until my figure goes out of shape (or get pregnant) and I SERIOUSLY need new pieces.

Ok. Ban starts today. (Uncle Henry will be chuckling with glee when he reads this.)

My wardrobe has already successfully transform from a sexy vixen’s collection to some domesticated boring housewife’s closet. One-third of the tops hanging up there are boring tees for days with unshaven armpits (due to personal negligence) or “fat” days. Such things never (and I mean NEVER) happened before the Boy came along. *sigh*

I’m only glad the Boy behaves.


Byebye hair on Sunday. Have YOU donated?

We will be shaven at 5.30pm at Velocity (beside Novena Square). Come come and watch me turn bald LIVE right in front of your eyes! I am getting cold feet. 😦

Need to wash my long out of commission beanies and headgear to wear for when I have no more hair.

I am having baby yearning after seeing countless mothers’ prenatal ultrasound scans and tiny coo-ing babies on the streets. Someone has GOT to destroy this relentless maternal instinct inside me. Isn’t ONE enough yet?! *tears hair out*


For once I would like to sing a different tune: I have lost my appetite for the past week, I feel nauseous when forced to eat, strange smells kick-start my urge to purge, I have odd cravings. PLEASE DON’T LET ME BE PREGNANT. I am so not ready right now. We are so not ready. This is a BAD TIME. But then again, stuff always happens when you’re NOT ready for it. 😕 That’s life.


7 thoughts on “Brain overload = random nonsense

  1. I know you were having waaaaaaaaaay too much fun when you posted “I think I now need at least twice a week”. Welcome to the MBA Club – the “Mum By Accident” Club!

    As for organising sprees, I seriously think you need to charge for your service. I’m sure the spreeists won’t mind. Think about it 🙂

    shell says: I’m already very happy you offered to pay 50 cents handling charge twice. Most other spree organisers go on 50ct handling rate. That’s all. You’re not supposed to earn from it, according to the rules of spree communities.

    Your number 2 was an accident? No wonder spaced so close! Eh, by the way, my Hubs was the one who said that, not me! I always liked it EVERYDAY. 😆

  2. yeah, you shld charge!
    I’ll pay for the service!

    i always admired the pple who organise sprees for the many pple whom are lazy to do so (i.e. ME!), for fear of trouble & co-ordination!

    Study hard & best of luck for your exams!

    shell says: So you tell me, how much should I charge? I don’t think other ppl would pay for it lor. Cos they can easily do it themselves without liasing with me.

  3. Given that some of your spreeists are students on a tighter budget, you may want to try $3 for a start and see what’s the repsonse like? Just a suggestion.

    Anyway celebrity bloggers like you are allowed to charge more! Someone haz fanz wor 🙂

    shell says: I is not celebrity blogger. No one ask me to endorse or advertise products yet. Not even diapers. 😆 And the “fanz” are only fanz of my pretty armpits. HAHAHAHAHA!!

  4. Char boh,

    Charge them handling fees! And use SKYPE to call overseas! Cheaper lah.

    shell says: Got charge handling fee. 50 cents lor! More like processing fee actually.

    SKYPE super bad call quality. I using phone already they sound so soft. Sua lah.

  5. hmmmm….maybe $3 like what Sage’s Mummy suggested.

    i think students can well afford that lah, a mcdees’ meal also cost twice that amount already…

  6. Aiyoh. Then I only give you 50-36=14 cents more only leh… make me feel so bad. HOW!

    *small voice* I was thinking of a La Senza one 😛

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