the possible future of my past

I saw a family man on the train today. He was decked out in an over-washed tee, bermudas and (eeks) running shoes. Hair unkempt and unshaven, in that attire, completely reminded me of one of my ex-boyfriends.

I remember how I would have to constantly remind him to shave so that he wouldn’t look like a beggar. His retort was always, “Once I drive my Volvo out, the girls drool anyway.” Complete with a smug face.

Except the car didn’t belong to him. His father bought it and all he did was to take it out for rides.

So, as I watched that man on the train fuss over his kids who were wreaking havoc, it suddenly struck me that this could be my ex in a decade’s time. Still unkempt, and looking like a disheveled uncle from head to toe. With kids.

I’m so glad my Hubs is well-groomed and hawt. :mrgreen:


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