While waiting for the paint to dry…

I have decided I should really make a trip down to my piercer tomorrow and get my tragus done. Again. So that in the (accidental) event that I really am pregnant, then I wouldn’t have to wait another TWO YEARS to get my missing piercings done again.

The last time I was carrying Joshua in the womb, no one would touch me, claiming that it’s not in their practice to tattoo or pierce pregnant women. Then after I gave birth, they wanted me to wait til after my confinement. Since when did piercers/tattoo artists become so… traditional?! Then after that, I just got too busy. But fortunately squeezed out some time to touch-up the fading inks by having Hubs watch the baby (and using pumped out breastmilk as a substitute).

So tomorrow, I’m making a trip down. Before it gets too late. Again. Hubs’ tragus piercing has been very lonely for the past 2 years (since it was supposed to be a matching couple piercing thingy).

I am also contemplating redoing the short-lived nose piercing that was done in January 2005, didn’t last past a month and has been waiting to be done again for more than 3 years.

Damn. I chipped the “paint” off 2 of my fingernails already. ๐Ÿ˜•

And now the talons are so blunt because I chipped one off somewhere somehow, and I am forced to snip them all short for uniformity’s sake. *throws a bimbotic hissy fit*

EXAM ON 8TH!! *panic mode*


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