PPTD (Pet Peeve of The Day)

PPTD #1:

I feel like yanking out the hair of every woman I see on the street who has low quality rebonded hair and who has obviously disobeyed the hairdresser’s warning to not tie the rebonded hair up too tightly.

If you insist on tying up rebonded hair, please spend good money getting a quality rebond (eg: Shishedo rebonding @ approx $200) that won’t make you look like you have black seaweed instead of hair.

Walking behind these women make my eyes sore.


PPTD #2:

Just because you have (ugly) hair and I am bald, doesn’t make you prettier than me. Seriously.

And yes, my boobs ARE bigger than yours. You… ugly hair pock-faced washboard chest… creature.

And yes, your boyfriend was ogling at me cos I have A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E and not some run-of-the-mill “I pretend to be easy-going” biatch. :mrgreen:


PPTD #3:

When I order a Vanilla Latte, I mean a Vanilla Latte. If I want it iced, I’ll say “Iced Vanilla Latte”. 9 out of 10 times I order a hot coffee, they have to ask me “Iced?” when obviously I didn’t say the word “iced”.

What is wrong with service staff here?! A woman can’t have a hot coffee?!? 😡


One thought on “PPTD (Pet Peeve of The Day)

  1. Referring to your PPTD #3; baristas are just trying to be helpful la, some customers wanted ICED Vanilla latter; without actually saying they wanted it iced. And blame/complain when they receive the drink. Love your blog thou =)

    – Your frenly SBX Barista

    shell says: Oooooooh. Ok. Then I’ll slap those ppl instead. Stupid customers.

    And I guess they would blame you (the barista) when it doesn’t come iced. Been in the service industry, know how idiotic some customers can get. 😕

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