Someone should have warned me…

– that my head would actually feel cold on a rainy day.

– that I can actually feel the wind direction just with my head. (To hell with licking your finger and holding it up against the wind.)

– that lying down to sleep would feel like a million pinheads pressing up against my scalp.

– that having sex in the missionary position would mean that the said million pinheads would be rubbing left/right/up/down all over my scalp.

– that my tops would get caught on said million pinheads when I pull them over my head to get dressed.

– that people would actually stare at me less compared to when I actually had hair. (Is this actually a good or bad thing? I still can’t tell yet.)

– that banglas Indian foreign workers won’t wolf-whistle me anymore. (Woohoo!)

– that I would feel a desperate need to lose 10 kilos to pull off that GI Jane look. (Tough luck.)

– that I would feel like a well-fed studious Buddhist nun when I wear my specs. (Fortunately pairing the specs with a beanie makes me look like a nerdy skater-girl.)

– that I would feel like a charitable heroine. (HURHUR!)

Huei MSN-ed:

that reminds me of one of them pri sch autograph book poems
something about the ‘she was so fair but she had no hair~’


After exams, there’s a lot of spree stuff and house-packing to be done. Then I can also take pics of my shopping and post up!

Ok, back to panic mode for exam tomorrow. *panics*


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