the “happy stash”

There used to be a “Happy Fund” where money was stashed away for “emergency” days when I felt extra lousy and needed some perking up.

Nowadays, there is the “Happy Stash” that consists of:

– new clothes (somehow pulling the tags off new clothes give me a rush)
– new bodycare products that haven’t been opened and tried
– poppadums from the mamak stall nearby, kept fresh and crisp in a Lock&Lock air-tight container
– some random extra money to mindlessly buy cheap small cute (probably useless) things
– cute videos of my baby Josh
– Ben & Jerry’s in the freezer
– chocolate (but of course) for the oxytocin rush!
– Hubs’ FREE warm hugs

But Hubs is not home yet. 😦 And it’s already past 1am.

I have so far used up 2 options in my “Happy Stash” (the poppadums and the new ON loungewear set I got from my recent spree). I think I may be heading for the freezer in just a bit for that gorgeously sinful ice-cream.


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