Are you addicted?

When something as common as the launch of a new bodycare product can make you want to leap from your porcelain throne mid-shit, you know there’s something wrong with you.

I saw the ad for the new OLAY Total Effects Shower Cream + Body Butter in the latest issue of Women’s Weekly and I wanted to yelp out in excitement.

If Hubs was home, I would have called out to him excitedly and invited him to the loo to smell my fresh excrement while he browses the print ad. Then he give his usual response of “Hmm… We go look-see how much then buy for you, ok?” as I continue to purge out the processed food through my anus.

It’s all kind of gross. But as mentioned in a previous post, it’s just one of those little things about domesticated marital bliss. :mrgreen: Life isn’t all pink candy floss and ponies ok? We all need to poop some time or another.

And I know I am seriously addicted to buying and trying bodycare products.

Earlier this week, he just bought me a Victoria’s Secret “Strawberries & Champagne” set (includes silkening body mist, cleansing cream and body scrub) to reward my brave act of shaving. And now I am lusting something else again. Pfffffffffft.

On the bright side, at least I smell nice most of the time thanks to my weird obsession.


One thought on “Are you addicted?

  1. Seriously woman, you are one lucky gal. Whenever hub sees me surfing on the Internet, he’ll say “Don’t anyhow buy hor” ;P

    shell says: But… you still buy leh! 😆

    My hubs is willing to buy for me because he knows I use everything I buy. Not like some women who buy a certain dress or body cream, then never uses it. I have less than 3 pieces which I don’t wear often, but they are the sort for formal occasions (eg: my black FCUK silk dress) and I got them disgustingly cheap.

    Also, he feels that I “deserve” it and it’s his way of doting on me. :mrgreen:

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