Joshua @ 13 months old.

This boy is growing so fast. *sigh*


Some time back when he still had hair:

He likes to cross his legs. It’s almost definitely my genes.


He crosses them when he’s in the pram. He crosses them when he’s watching telly. Pretty much any chance he gets.


And then there’s the rubbing of his feet together.


Notice how his feet are blurred in the pic, because he was rubbing them together.

(More pics and a funny video after the jump.)


Another trio of pics from last night before PapaNash brought him out:


Looking bored above.


Oops moment as he fiddles with something and drops it off the couch. I love that look on his face!

Sometimes he even goes “awwwwww” cos *ahem* we do that when he does something wrong unintentionally.

10-07-08_happy to see daddy

Happy Baby, because Papa is going to bring him out very soon. He’s already wearing his shoes!

And yes, there is a HUGE Piglet plush toy in the background. I bought it eons ago before I even met Hubs, and decided to keep it around cos I always thought it would be nice to have a baby in the year of the Pig after I got married.

Joshua happens to love Piglet (along with Dora and brown teddy bears) and he smooched the life out of Giant Piglet when I brought it out from storage and showed it to him earlier this week. Life’s best laid plans. πŸ™‚


Joshua wears mittens again! I put it on him for shits and giggles. Hurhur. Mom’s bored.

Here you see him desperately swinging his arms around to get the mittens off. Tough luck, kiddo. :mrgreen:


Then I told him to act like a baby, and his was the pose he gave me:


Yes, very apt with the raised arms and screaming. He was screaming when frozen in this pose. πŸ˜†

Then I decided to video him with the mittens on.

Video breakdown:
0.02: Very cute baby going “Ah!”
0.16: He can’t clap his hands with the mittens on. I explode into insane laughter.
0.28: Baby bangs his head on the cot. Doesn’t cry but smiles instead.
0.42: Another uber-cute baby shriek.
0.50: Tries to pick up the Victoria’s Secret PINK doggy. Fails repeatedly. Mom chuckles.
1.10: Finally decides to pick up the doggy another way. MUST WATCH! :mrgreen:
1.42: Plenty of baby babble.
2.06: Video ends.

How? Cute? I find him extremely adorable!


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