100% randomness

I applied for the position of freelance writer with TheAsianParent. Let’s see if we hear anything in 2 weeks’ time.


My period is late. We tested. The line said “Nay”. Hubs is in a confused state not knowing to be happy or upset. It’s so weird to be pass that phase of life where pregnancy is actually something your partner dreads.


I have to officially be back on the Pill once my red tide hits. That is, until our dearest PapaNash can decide if we want another child, and when. That is not something I can decide on my own. If you’d let me though, I think I’ll just be having so much fun that I just end up procreating like bunnies do.

Am seriously dreading the reintroduction of the Pill into my system again. The last time I did, I felt pregnant during PMS (which is so not a good thing). Hopefully changing a brand would make things better. Except… I’m not so sure if it would save me from bloating. 😦 It’s so hard being a woman. Men should be made to take the Pill instead.


Wet Seal spreeeeeeeee!! I want my leopard print bra. It’s only USD9.50!

Eddy, shaddup before you even try to type anything in my comments. You’re not the one paying for my shopping. Just be sibei sibei glad I haven’t corrupted your girl yet. :mrgreen:


I forgot to ask Hubs to help me take pics of me in my *NEW* Hot Topic stuff even though I gave him a private catwalk session. I am sibei forgetful and blur. πŸ˜•

Anyway, the dress sucks on me cos I have no matching hair. Very very the oddball. Then some things like the bras, hot shorts, *ahem* not good for public viewing lah. *points to flab*


Anyone wants Victoria’s Secret?* Email me.

I’m doing a friend a favour by ordering for her cos VS banned her because they think she’s selling the items in the “black market”. VS is such a stuck-up company lah.

* Normal spree conditions apply.


I miss lugging huge paper bags filled with tons of store-bought goodies. That very taitai-ish shopping. I’ve been shopping predominantly online recently that I’m running super super low on paper bags. I have to tell my spreers to bring their own bags.

Never mind. When the new malls open in Orchard late this year, I will hit the malls once again! :mrgreen:

(This is about the time when Hubs’ wallet starts to tremble in fear.)


Can’t wait for Joshua’s new toys and clothes to arrive! He specifically picked a couple of toys himself. I love watching that wide-eyed, open-mouth happy+surprised expression on his face whenever he’s loving his new stuff. Plus he kicks and waves around insanely as if his happiness is boiling over and he can’t control his limbs no more. Cute. πŸ™‚


Did I mention I bought a black shirt from Club Marc for Hubs? My heart still a bit pain sometimes. Why am I sniggering? Really is pain one lor. πŸ˜• I is stingy shit. I haven’t paid more than $40 for any one piece of clothing item I own since the birth of Joshua.

Somehow I am more generous with the father and son, then later I periodically get reminded of my generosity and feel a pinch in the wallet. Oh, the pains of selfless love. :rolls:


I want to eat at Clarity Cafe!! Crave crave crave the crayfish pasta. Hubs says Friday we go. HURHUR. *love love rubba rubba Hubs* But I just realised they have no babychairs. DAMN.


I swear being cheapo and only attacking sales is very addictive. What happened to Atas Shelly?! *searches fruitlessly within self*

I need to change my blog profile from “Shopping Queen” to “Cheapo Shopping Queen”. πŸ˜• Got anymore slightly more glam namesakes for “Cheapo Queen”?


I seriously need to fix up my pair of MaxMara shades that are falling apart from extensive use. Or buy a new pair of shades. Any sponsors?? $200 will suffice if I can find a decent eyewear sale. :mrgreen:


3 thoughts on “100% randomness

  1. Money-Savvy Shopping Queen!
    MSSQ!!! Nice leh!

    i never ask for paper bag, when i collect my spree items.
    i ‘hugged’ them down the lift & threw in my husband’s car boot!

  2. about the Pill, maybe you can try the brand Yasmin πŸ™‚ I was on some other brands prior to Yasmin, and i felt shitty.

    Yasmin worked very well for me, and i actually lost weight :p

    shell says: The thing is, Mercilon used to work swimmingly well for me. I lost weight too. But somehow after having Josh, it just turned shitty on me. 😦

    But now no need Pill liao. We have new “plans”.

  3. Good luck with the writing gig!

    Don’t use paper bags. Use recyclable shopping bags LOR πŸ˜€

    shell says: I do! That’s when even if I go shopping (a bit) in the malls here, I don’t have nice paper bag to give my spreers lah.

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