My shower is my spa sanctuary.

The shower where I go and find peace, relaxation and happiness. And I have a decent collection of shower products that fit every situation and mood.

  • Lavender to wind down for bedtime
  • citrus to perk up for mornings
  • sandalwood cream for pampering
  • strawberries & champagne for fruity happiness
  • golden apple for when you don’t feel like you need anything in particular.

I always loved the cranberry scents from The Body Shop, but never had a chance to procure it to add on to my shower collection. I really don’t know why it’s always sold out when I want to buy it, but now that I have found my Strawberries & Champagne, nothing beats that. :mrgreen:

I presume I would have an impressive bath salt and bubble bath collection too, if I still had a bathtub at home. But I don’t anymore. I remember feeling a dull ache in my heart when I had to throw away my bath salts and bubble baths when I moved out from my dad’s place.

We tried our best to accommodate a bathtub in this home, but with it being a 3-room flat, it was obviously a lofty aspiration.

Next home we move to, I want a bathtub! Then I’ll light up scented candles, blast my stereo and soak myself. Ahhhhhh. How I miss doing that.

Maybe I should check into a hotel with a bathtub, just so I can soak. Hurhur. My aching body would be so grateful.

I wonder if there are others who are like me and actually bring their own shampoo/conditioner and shower gel when they go travelling… The one time I forgot to pack it into the luggage, I paid RM15 for a tiny bottle of Dove shower cream just so that I could feel “normal”. I am obsessed.


3 thoughts on “My shower is my spa sanctuary.

  1. Eh, no wonder your skin is so good! I am the lazy bochup type….just shower quickly and go, without lotion, moisturiser and all that stuff…face is no choice one, after 30, everything changed. My face used to be normal enough not needing anything, now after cleansing if i dun apply cream, my face threatens to crack! Damn dry.

  2. i bring my own toiletries when i travel.
    always feel that the hotel supplies are not suitable…not moisturizing & usually too dry for my skin & hair.

  3. I usually bring my own shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser.

    Body wash I am more chin-chai, but usually those in hotel are lacking in moisturising properties so I pack my own too.

    Shampoo must suit me mah, if not dry is bad leh. I got dandruff problem so can’t use any other brand.

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