This child is born to be stubborn.

Not to mention very very cheeky.

We have finally realised, that he refuses to listen and repeat when we tell him to address us. Allow me illustrate:

PapaNash: “Say papa! Paaaa paaa.”

Josh: “Maaaaaa. Maaaa maaa.” *displays cheeky grin*

The same scenario obviously happens with me as well.

MamaShell: “Say Mama. Mama!”

Josh: “Papa! Papa! Papa!” *does his famous happy bounce, complete with cheeky grin*

So there it is. Point noted. Some genes certainly should not be passed down to the next generation.

Probably the only way you can make him do as you wish, is to insult him.

Once, not so long ago, I brought the boy downstairs to run some errands. We bumped into this elderly man who expressed great interest to play with the baby big boy. (He frowns upon the word “baby” when it is applied to him.)

The man said Joshua was “cute” and “looked very smart”. So obviously that boy was beaming with pride. Then came the time for us to move off and the man told Joshua to “wave byebye”. Well, he didn’t. That man is a stranger and boy never cared to say goodbye to people he didn’t know or wasn’t fond of.

So the man insulted Joshua.

“Aiya. You not clever. Don’t know how to wave bye-bye. So lazy.”

Then in an instant, before the man had even finished his sentence, the boy shot his hand up in the air and waved fervently. With a frown on his face.

The man chuckled and said “Bye bye! Don’t be lazy ah!”

As I wheeled the tiny dictator in diapers away from the man who had just insulted him, I heard a sound that probably shouldn’t be coming from a baby.



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