pots calling kettles black

This has been an issue that has vexed me for months, and maybe even years if I dig back into my memory archives deep enough. It’s about the pots who call the kettles black. The bitches who call other women bitches. The fat cows referring to other slimmer women as cows simply because of a character flaw in the accused “cow”.

Personally I think I can be considered impartial. Even if I don’t like a person due to her character flaws, I will not simply say she is “fat” or “ugly”. Not in reference to her physical appearance anyway.

Yes, I don’t like Joanne Peh of the Beach.Ball.Babes drama. But I say that because I have encountered her very personally in my life before. We were classmates. And despite how much I scoff at her seemingly friendly disposition displayed in front of the local public, I do not deny that her ability as an actor has improved by leaps and bounds. And that she truly has a beautiful smile.

I don’t find a need to describe her as “ugly” just because she might have a character flaw.

I find it utterly detestable when someone feels the need to show off something, just because other people have it. And then to downplay the said envy-inducing factors by listing the various (unrelated) reasons why this person is “pathetic”, followed by unnecessary sarcasm towards the target to make yourself feel better about what you lack.

It’s despicable. And no matter how you justify it, despicable is despicable. You only appear shallow and full of hot air to others viewing this spectacle of envy turning you green in the face while you try to pull off the Shrek look saying how green matches you so much better. It’s such a joke.

The rules are simple:

  • You’re only allowed to point fingers and criticise fat people if they are fatter than you. If you’re wearing TWO sizes bigger than them and obviously have more extra rolls on you, please shut the fuck up. Don’t even bother justifying anything.
  • Likewise, you just appear two-faced when on one hand you are accusing people of certain behavior when you are acting in a similar manner. Hypocrite.
  • If you want to show off your new car, go ahead. There is no need to put down someone else’s car just because it’s not as fancy as yours. Admit it, you’re just jealous that you’re not the FIRST to get something fancy and you just can’t take it down that others got it before you.
  • Be honest to yourself. Why is there a need for you to falsely reduce your age and/or dress size, and increase the salary figures and/or the size of the place you live in? One day the cat will get out of the bag, and people will know you have a 40 inch waist instead of the 30 inches you claimed you were.
  • Why make up stories about approaches that you turn down flatly? So that it makes you seem more appealing? Anyone with half a brain will know that such opportunities won’t knock at your door, and you’re just fibbing.
  • You don’t like people questioning about the way you live your life. You don’t like people to judge you. SO WHY THE FUCK DO YOU KEEP JUDGING PEOPLE?! And you do it the worse way, sneaking in snide remarks instead of confronting them upfront. Despicable.

People laugh at YOU and your stupid antics when they find out what kind of person you truly are. They just can’t be bothered to tell it to you in your judgmental face lest they become the next victim of your stupidity.

Nonetheless, I maintain a diplomatic approach to such people. Because there’s no point in arguing with them, and they are way too caught up comparing their shit with others to ever see your point. Trust me, I have tried and fell flat on my face (while increasing my blood pressure point) doing it.

As a final reminder to all who read this: Before you point a finger and accuse someone of behaving in some way, please, LOOK IN THE MIRROR FIRST. Or as the Chinese like to say “撒泡尿照照自己先”.


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