shallow contentment

My heart does a little happy skip when I pull open my bra drawer, and see a row of bras in all various colors and designs laid out nicely for my day’s picking. It’s like a mini bra parlor and I adore it.

Then my heart does another happy skip when I try picking out my clothes for the day, and I have just the exact piece of clothing for the day. Today’s selection was a brown puff-sleeved V neck button hoodie with black TopShop shorts with beading detail on the side.

I think it’s wonderful how my wardrobe is like a mini boutique that covers any possible fashion needs.

And I also happen to think it’s about time to stop purchasing new hooter-covers because I might need to upsize any time suddenly due to the introduction of a parasite into my body.

Remember my nehneh shrank? Well, now it’s back up to a 38C. I think it was some strange side-effect of being on the Pill. And now I have to use the fugly invention called the bra extender so that I can just give my bra band an extra half inch for comfort.

Oh, and this other weird thing is how the dress size isn’t going up with the titty size. Curiouser and curiouser indeed. Hormones are such weird thingies. But me likey the idea of bigger titties with relatively proportional dress size. :mrgreen:

Then today this lady commented I had good skin. Before I had a chance to speak after my slight smile at the compliment, she asked if I was pregnant. I was quite stumped whether I should be offended, with her following up a nice compliment with a crooked line of sight.

I think I shall just ignore the second remark and bask in the shallow joy of the first comment. :mrgreen:

Oh, what simple shallow joys I can count on to perk up a rainy Wednesday that foiled all my plans of heading out to the mall.


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