Joshua’s new toys

So I went and did it. I splurged on the boy.

I don’t know if it’s pity for his long suffering teething (with that darned tooth still barely peeking out from his gums) or the fact that he caught the flu and fever from me, but I went and bought him some not-so-cheap stuff.

Joshua’s got wings now!

We did a short trial with him, and he’s loving being able to walk without needing to grab onto anything. Makes us happy too. 🙂 Purchased from My Miracle Baby, who delivered the item the next working day and provided friendly service. Thumbs up!

And he also got a Leafrog LittleTouch with 3 books featuring Dora, Pooh and (his favourite) Rainbow Fish.

Yeah, I’m kinda hoping we’ll be just like the mother and son in the product image when we’re using it. 😆 Thanks to wonderful Karen who got me all the necessary contacts to get the coveted item. 🙂

Pity we have no AA batteries at home so we can’t really use it. Tomorrow, I’m getting batteries! Neither the boy nor I can wait. :mrgreen:

Then last weekend, we got the PlaySkool basketball toy thingy that counts your score. Can’t remember the item name, threw away the packaging days ago, and can’t seem to google it.

And then an Aquadoodle mat (or some Jap equivalent) from Kiddy Palace.

All this, on top of the new toys I got for him from BabyMallOnline last week. If I keep this up, I might just end up spoiling the kid.


One thought on “Joshua’s new toys

  1. when i was searching for Joshua’s birthday present I went to the Leapfrog section in Toy R Us but didn’t see the Little touch leh….. such a good buy u have! I like the aquamat too…..wonder if kai is too old for that………..

    shell says: No kid is too old for drawing and NOT creating a mess while they’re at it! Except, for Kai, he might get a bit upset when his artpiece dries up and disappears…

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