Men, and their excuses.

As he was remarking at my smooth newly waxed skin, I asked him if he would like to go get a wax too since he had been contemplating one for the past few years.

I recently signed up for a waxing package at STRIP and since I could share the package with immediate family members, he wouldn’t be able to say it was expensive since it has already been paid for.

His response to my suggestion:

“I don’t wax because you have a habit of flossing your teeth, and I’m just doing you a favor by helping you floss while you XX me. I don’t have a habit of flossing, so you have to wax.”



5 thoughts on “Men, and their excuses.

  1. Wahahaha. I also recently did my waxing at Strip! Which outlet do you go to? Any recommendations? Cos I’m thinking of signing a package, 20% off lehh so worth it lol!

    shell says: I went to the Suntec outlet recently and am very happy with their service. Sign up for the $600+ package, even better! There’s an additional $100 credit and they even gave me my XXXX wax that day FREE.

  2. Ask you hor, Strip’s package has expiry dates or not? Mine still has approx 4 visits more but I lazy to go, prefer to DIY at home…

    shell says: 2 years from the day of signing up the package. You can just call them to ask when yours is expiring lor.

  3. oh gosh did I publish my comment?! I shall type again. As I was saying, you 赚到了! Ok I’ll try Suntec next time. I went to Wheelock’s and The Cathay but it was average only lor. Me thinks me will sign the $250 one, and I’m trying to drag Ah Zen thr but he says he not girl do he don’t want. !!!!!! DAMMIT.

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