twists and turns

Somehow, saying “I don’t know anyone whom I can name” can be translated to ” I insist there is no one” in someone’s self-absorbed warped mind. It’s more of “no one I know of”. But never mind.

Some people, despite declaring how fabulously well-read they are and constantly using big words just to look smart, simply just take words out of context for their own advantage.

It’s not even a matter of education. It’s a simple matter of making oneself look better in the light of others.

It is very funny and very sad. Maybe pitiful even. But never mind, take that back. Just plain sad will do.

I wouldn’t even have known about this if the meow lady hadn’t told me about it.

Oh, and I also won’t condemn people simply because they are friends with said sad person lor. But if you wish to condemn me because you are friends with her and you want to side with her, I will also applaud you for being such a loyal friend to her.

Say whatever you want to say about me. But if you dare, say it out loud to my face. Not in some underhanded way that some people favour. If you want and you dare to say something bad about someone, say it outright. Don’t beat around the bush lah. Tsk. Cannot stand that kind of people.

People say the pot is black, then the kettle think people are talking about him and start to argue back. 真的是做贼心虚。:mrgreen:

A disclaimer borrowed from cakie:

If you think it’s you I’m talking about, then it’s you lor.

I think it’s a very funny disclaimer.


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