Welcome to the world of I-am-so-tired-but-I-can’t-fall-asleep.

Thanks to the many late nights (aka early mornings) of staying up to settle spree matters, my body clock has developed a fucked up rhythm of its own.

Basically my new dictated schedule (as per Shelly’s rebellious body) is that I can’t fall asleep before 7am and then I miraculously wake up between 2-4pm. Yeah, that’s some fucked up shit.

I could be in bed by 2am, but I’d be lying wide awake waiting for sandman to just hit me with his sack of sleepy sand. But nope. Hasn’t happened for the past week. So I start tinkling on the DS lite, and suddenly light starts streaming in from that small sliver of uncurtained window. It’s daybreak already.

Seriously, like WTF.

So I asked Hubs to chut his special power a few hours. And then I am still bloody awake now.

Did I say WTF already? WTF!!!

All this despite my level of tiredness, the number of times I’ve yawned or how much I really just want to fuse with my fluffy goosedown pillow and Seahorse mattress.

If I had any hair to tear, I’ll be doing that right about now.

I am boycotting sleep for Thursday/Friday. Come the wee hours of Saturday, I’m sure I’ll be smacked by 2am and hopefully that will reset this stubborn body clock.

5.18am. Slightly under 3 hours until I can wake Hubs up for brekkie, then head off to the CCF to return my pledge card. Now I wonder what I can do while trying to whittle the hours away.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the world of I-am-so-tired-but-I-can’t-fall-asleep.

  1. Looks like your body clock is just right for a trip to NY for a shopping spree!! Wheeeeee!

    shell says: Maybe in a few yrs’ time lor… Now got no sponsor. πŸ˜†

  2. if you’re not past taking drugs to get to sleep, i’ve heard that anti-histamines proved to be pretty useful in lulling the body to sleep. or pain killers with codeine.

    (but of course provided you’re not allergic to them!)

    i had the same problem as you before and i drugged myself to sleep. bad, but desperate times call for desperate measures. πŸ˜‰

    shell says: Don’t really believe in taking drugs. You form a certain reliance on it after a while. Well, at least that’s what I know will happen to me.

    It took me a long while to wean off the habit of popping Panadol at every headache, backache, etc. Not keen to pop any drugs. Cos thankfully, I don’t need to report at work every morning, so it isn’t that bad if I can’t sleep.

    Thanks for the heads up, though. Will recommend it to other ppl if the occasion pops up. πŸ™‚

  3. oh goodness i had it too! It’s sooo annoying. sometimes i just don’t sleep when i have class on 8.30! So f**ked up lah.i did take “drugs”. which was my cough syrup. but then i stopped.

    i then found out that i have reverse effect for the things that’s supposedly keeping me awake. Coffee, redbull, etc… So I drank essence of chicken and drifted peacefully to sleep!

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