filling up the void

There is a great void within me. I am feeling… bored.

Like I had shared some time ago, I no longer know how to sit still. And today, there is SERIOUSLY nothing to do. I am bored.

I can’t open new sprees because I am still waiting for the goods of my recent ones to arrive.

I submitted my parenting article last Friday, so currently nothing to do until the editor hollers.

My mop broke, so I can’t mop the floor until I get a suitable replacement.

The flat is quite spanking clean, so I can only clean whatever is already quite clean.

So I keep doing laundry, until all my bamboo poles are hung full lor.

I did found out some shocking info today though.

  1. There are long black strands of hair on the floor even though everyone is quite botak.
  2. My boy sleeps on his own arm, just like his father. :mrgreen:


Those people who have been complaining that I have been too busy to MSN with them, you better spam my MSN today.


One thought on “filling up the void

  1. So, you got the writing job already?! Congrats! =) When do I get to read it online?

    shell says: Once my editor replies my email and tells me it’s been approved? I’ll post the link here for sure! 🙂

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