Joshua goes down the couch.

Watch the boy climb off the couch!

Other than our couch, he has also mastered the technique of climbing off our bed, Uncle Henry’s bed, Uncle Henry’s couch… Well, you get the drift.

But the thing is, he can usually only get off. He has difficulty climbing up furniture that is too high up. (Like duh, if you can’t get your knee on the higher surface, you can’t really climb up, can you? :rolls: ) So he still has to gesture to us to carry him onto the couch, bed, etc.

Video breakdown/baby signs explained:
0:00 to 0.06 – He smiles because he thought I was going to take his picture. ๐Ÿ˜†
0:15 – Points to Mommy, as if to say “You know how I get off the couch what!”
0:20 to 0:25 – Feigns ignorance by scratching his head.
0:29 – I tell him to come, he tells me to go to him instead. :rolls:
0:33 – He insists on me going to him. :rolls:
0:35 – Gestures “No, I don’t want.”
0:40 – Grunt of resignation.
0:43 – Smiles and beckons me to go to him. Again. Adds a winning smile to his gesture.
0:50 – Insists I go to him instead.
0:53 – Notice he was doing “pffffffft” when he finally realises he has no choice.
0:55 to 0:58 – THE CLIMB DOWNWARDS. Finally lor!
1:03 – Applauds his own effort.


3 thoughts on “Joshua goes down the couch.

  1. clever boy!
    these special moments you shared with your boy made it all worthwhile being a SAHM, right?

    shell says: Yes, quite worth it. Until he throws tantrums at me. ๐Ÿ˜†

  2. get Joshua into sports when he reaches his teens, will probably win a cupboard full of medals. he’s pretty talented with his coordination.

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