I live for dis shit.

Or rather, I wish I still did. 😦

My youth has been left behind and now motherhood precedes almost everything else.

The choreography and energy of this dance was so good, I was screaming at the TV screen. (We rented the DVD.)

Part of me was glad we didn’t watch it in the cinema because I wouldn’t be able to scream when that fella did that MARVELOUS spin on his knees. And I’d probably shit the person sitting in front of me cos I’ll be tapping me feet non-stop.

I’m not all that old yet, but still… *sigh* I miss the days gone by.

Being a 25-year-old mom probably isn’t a good time to start learning Breakdancing.


2 thoughts on “I live for dis shit.

  1. never too old! of course!

    every morning i bump into a 60-year old retiree on speed skates. He does 42km without fail every morning, 5 days a week.

    and he goes at a pretty fast speed as well! now tell me, are we really that OLD?!

    shell says: We are as old as we feel… And may I add that I feel quite darn old. HURHUR.

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