epiphany about the Fat Bitch

This will be the last post regarding the hoo-ha between me and the fat bitch.

Yes, I am now calling her names because someone showed proof to me that SHE’S been calling me “yeastycunt”. Even my nasty namesake for her isn’t as tasteless as what she uses against me. Yeasty cunt?! So much for someone with “class”. PTUI.

Ok, back to this epiphany that made me wiggle out of bed and position myself here to type.

Reasons for the decision on future non-mention:

1. This fat bitch is obviously insecure, thus the CONSTANT need to remind herself that she is independent, loved, successful, hot, appreciated by her bosses, doesn’t need a man, etc reminders to make her feel better about herself. I feel I probably shouldn’t make her feel more conscious about her fat self because, for a woman who can sometimes feel like taking a knife to cut out her own fats, I think I may be pushing her a bit.

However, she never considers what kind of psychological harm she may be doing to others to term them as “fat cow”, “ugly bitch got hit by a truck”, etc horrid namesakes. Thus I say, pot calling kettle black.

Despite her trying to make jokes out of her fatty self by saying things like “I call a spade a spade” when referring to herself as fat, it is with no doubt when I say it stabs her like a knife in the heart each time she forcibly admits her own overweight physique. I’m sure every woman can attest to that. Even though we can take a joke, we also secretly wish we looked better each time we hear a thoughtless comment.

2. No matter how politically correct I say it to her, directly or indirectly, she never gets it through her thick skull.

She has great distaste towards people who try to be someone they’re not (plastic surgery excluded) and she once scorned at me for wanting to buy gel pads to put in my bra so I will appear more well-endowed. In her exact words:“You don’t have big tits then you don’t have big tits. Why need to fake it?”

But strangely, she finds it alright for her to constantly put in hair extensions on her head to create the illusion of long hair.

When I questioned her about it, she said she’s not used to having short hair. So my query then was, then why cut off your long hair?!

Isn’t she doing living the same kind of irony which is against what she believes in?

3. Despite her being so free to look through my plurk, blog, twitter, and godknowswhat, I do have better things to do. Apologies once again to the people I have been neglecting on MSN over past weeks.

I was bored enough just now to google her alias and found out she nominated herself for “Hottest Mommy Blogger” at the 2007 Blogger’s Choice Awards and her blog description read “Hot single mommy blogger”. So much for hating people who call themselves “hot”. She’s doing the EXACT SAME THING. So, who’s the fatter sack of shit?

Yeah, she called me a fat sack of shit. Once again, pot calling the kettle black.

I would love to link to all the hardcore evidence, just like how she breached the friendship trust and linked my PRIVATE BLOG from her response post, but I will not stoop to her cheap level. In any case, all you need to go is run a simple Google search and you’ll have the answers. I don’t think there are lots of people who nominate THEMSELVES for Blogger Awards. :mrgreen:

4. I am very tempted to call her disgusting names, but once again, I fear for her low self-esteem. She said I had a pug nose, 5-month pregnant-looking tummy and whatever whatever. (I can’t be bothered to go to her shitty slow-loading blog to copy+paste lah.) All I have to say is, hey, 撒泡尿照照自己 ok? If you don’t have enough pee, use a MIRROR. Once again, pot calling kettle black.

5. I refuse to make up stories about her just to make her look bad. Unlike what she did to me. Yes, I have bling envy, which woman doesn’t? (Except Barffie who doesn’t give a shit about diamonds.) I don’t find a need to conceal my whining because it is human nature to complain, whine, bitch, etc. YOU do that a lot too. You just don’t DARE to do it in an open space where the alleged victim can find out.

Final word: I am very very disgusted and appalled that she pingback to my PRIVATE BLOG, which I gave her the access to many many months ago IN CONFIDENTIALITY.

This whole shebang only proves she’s got NO RESPECT for people’s privacy, and as she always says, KARMA will come around. My conscience is definitely clearer than hers, that’s for sure.

31 years old and still an overly self-righteous loser who never bothers to reflect on herself. Isn’t it time to remove YOUR head from YOUR ASS and start using it for something else OTHER than inventing nasty names for people who don’t worship your fat ass? I am 25, I more time than you for saving grace if I am as lousy as you say. Which, to the people who know both of us, would know the truth for themselves. Who’s the bigger nasty fake bitch? The award is definitely yours.

Tata, fat bitch. I’m not going to be bothered with you anymore. And I mean it, unlike you who always say you will end your piece here, but always keep going on and on because you want to emerge the winner. The countless forum arguments you have had with countless barflies speak for themselves. You always just want to have the last say.

So I shall let YOU have the last say. Respond with whatever bullshit made-up/contorted nonsense you want towards whatever I had written so far, and I’m not even going to retaliate even if a hundred people are egging me on and I have more than enough solid proof about your nasty bitchy mouth.

Because I think… only a very sad person who needs a lot of self-assurance will need to constantly put almost everyone down (may I add, with unjustified reasons) to make herself feel better. So go on, show me how pathetic you are by making me the star of another one of your blog posts. Let’s see how much more bullshit and name-calling you can come up with.

But please, play fair lah. It’s so unethical to link people to my private blog. I can safely say that those who are in the know and have been “following” this “argument” have probably seen your true cheap colors now that you have gone round calling me nasty names when I have bestowed you with none (except my latest fat bitch namesake for you).

You do realise that what you wrote about me puts you in really bad light, right? If you’re dumb enough to do it some more to further taint your “virtuous” reputation, go right ahead and be my guest. 🙂


UPDATE: I was told by a very kaypo man-friend of mine that the woman has responded. I shall keep my word and let her have the last say so she can “win”. I feel no need to justify anything she has accused me of, because these things only 越描越黑. I know the horrid things she is capable of saying, and how she can breach someone’s privacy. That’s more than enough to show her character. Regarding whatever “attack” I had towards her man, the message can be misinterpreted anyway she wishes to. If she says I’m guilty, I’m guilty lor.

These are my last words about this. And there shall be no more.


7 thoughts on “epiphany about the Fat Bitch

  1. Hi .. i have been a silent reader. . . but this is so horrid… how could that person be so mean … i mean betrayal of trust … u are such a sweet and unique person who is even able to go bald for charity (which i wudnt even dream of doing) and shes just mean … i am sure she will get her just desserts .. dont worry .. u know u are doing no harm to others… dont let her idiotic mean words bring u down… U GO GAL!!!

    shell says: Thanks, but I won’t say a I’m nice/sweet/good person just because I got my head shaved for charity. I still have no qualms on bitching about people who deserve it. But I don’t play dirty lah. :mrgreen:

  2. But you and Rachel used to be so close… =(

    shell says: I think the closer you get, the clearer you see all the nonsensical antics…

  3. hey!

    Saw your link on Chris’s blog.. I’ve been reading your blog for more than a month and I really like your personality, wits and writing. I think you’re a fantastic mummy too. 🙂

    I think that woman is horrid lor! wah piang.

    You go girl!

    shell says: Your “wah piang” made me laugh. 😆

  4. hmm. i hope you’ve calmed down. just know karma exists, don’t need to say or feel or do anything, what will be will be?
    btw, sorry abt the adoption.

    shell says: Thanks for the concern. I wasn’t even agitated to begin with, otherwise I think a lot of F-words would have appeared in the posts. :mrgreen: I don’t intend to say/do anything from henceforth. Just gonna leave it be.

    About the adoption, it’s alright. I understand you don’t live alone and adoptions involve the entire family.

  5. I encountered a fren who was also like that. For me I was very affected and felt very sad over it. BUT i say u handle it way and with class unlike the other person. way to go! 🙂

    Btw I left a msg before on ur blog, if u do rem that I saw u on the streets and was like “hey isnt this the blogger whose blog I read.” surreal.

    shell says: Yeah. I asked you why you didn’t come up to say Hi. 😆 I think it’ll be surreal for ME if you had.

    Anyways, no particular incident occurred to bring on my feelings towards this person. It’s more of her general attitude that I can no longer accept.

  6. at first when i read about it i was nonchalant as a person who doesn’t know the both of you. but i have to admit, linking to the private blog stoops to a new low. that’s never nice. after all, it was PRIVATE for a reason. no matter how pissed she was at you, digging that up and linking it for others to see(or potentially hack) could be damaging. hope things end well for you.

    shell says: Damaging is one thing. But as the private blog contains information about my marriage (and therefore my Hubs), she is also similarly infringing on my Hubs’ privacy. If anything can be openly written without fear of the people around me being hurt in any way, it would have been written here instead.

    Thanks for the well wishes. I’ve already locked up the entire blog, and since it was never made available to search engines in the first place, I’m guessing it should be quite safe. 🙂

  7. So, yeah. When exactly did you insult Big in your blog? Truth be told, I think you’re more right than her. Although I see you both have your own points. But then again, I’m just a blogreader. Heh.

    shell says: I did not insult Big in my blog. I’m guessing the “insult” she was referring to was the Plurk I had that said “I am glad I don’t need luxury goods and/or a manslave to make me happy.” I guess she presumed it was about her, and said I insulted Big. Well, whatever.

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