The Pot strikes again!

Some people, despite all their proclaimed “class”, like to hit below the belt. I’m not going to play that game, because I have more dignity than that.

I won’t link people to The Pot’s private photos, even though she pingback to my private blog more than once in her latest post.

I won’t call her names, even though she gave me a multitude of them. Check back at my previous posts, I never did call her names other than “fat cow” which she likes to use to refer to other women, and “pot”.

I won’t accuse her of things I do not know, even though she did so to me.

I won’t play by her dirty game, because I see no need to do so. I am just amused at the incredulity of what she wrote.

Her actions speak louder than her words, and her actions spell out C-R-A-S-S. Which, incidentally, is the same word she uses on me! What did I say? Pots like to call kettles black.

I don’t even see a need to justify myself against her appalling accusations, because… why bother? I have better things to do. I’m not even going to linkback to her blog/posts regarding me even though I am the STAR of her post. But c’mon, how often is it that someone types out such a LOOOOOOOONG post about you, and even bothers to go through your PRIVATE blog just so that she can dig out some shit about you? So, I just had to blog about this for remembrance. I am special enough to have an ENTIRE LONG HATE POST! Wow!

So much for someone who said this in her first post in “response” to my post complaining about people in general:

I am matter of factly and very calmly telling you that you are officially out of my life. I will not be dropping by your blog anymore, the msn and gchat have been duly deactivated, I will no longer feel angry or sorry for you and I hope to move forward in my life, just as I hope you will move forward in yours. I feel no malice or grudge towards you in doing so, just that we are two very different people and I no longer wish to keep up appearances.

Apparently, what she said wasn’t very true. She did stop by, one way or another, because she definitely chanced upon my Plurk profile page, and she said:

Why foist your unwanted presence on others? Do you not get a simple message typed out in English? (Sorry for the proclaimed β€œbig” words, I was not aware that were any!) And to think you now claim to be a writer. The shame.

But… I am a writer now. See the proof! Yes, I got the job and have already submitted my first article. πŸ™‚ The article doesn’t seem to have been published yet though.

And she OBVIOUSLY read my previous post in response to her because she quoted me wor.

If you said you won’t come my blog, then don’t come ok? Say you won’t be bothered with me anymore, then DON’T BLOG ANYMORE ABOUT IT. I never said I won’t go to The Pot’s blog anymore, so I can go lor. :mrgreen: I don’t need to do everything you tell me to, but I think maybe you should honor what you say?

Well, your actions just proved my point lah. Nevermind, you can dedicate some more posts starring me if you have that much time on your hands. Just proves that you are a walking irony who doesn’t mean what she says.

But then again, I already expected her to overreact like this. It’s just so… HER.


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