Giving the baby a “phone”.

Last week when the boy refused to go to bed, I told him I’ll leave his toy mobile phone in bed with him, so that he could “call” me if he needed me. He happily snuggled the phone beside him, and stayed quietly in bed.

Since then, instead of hearing him crying or calling out for me, I hear his darn plastic handphone “ringing” because he’s fervently pressing on it to “call” me.

I heard him calling out for me at 4am, and when I didn’t respond, he “called” me on his phone.

And now, even though he is supposed to be sleeping (because he didn’t sleep all night due to reasons I do not know of), he is still “calling” me because just now I ignored his screaming protests.

I think if I ever gave him a real mobile phone, the phone bills will hit the roof.


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