Hubs: smittened!

Just some random funny nonsense to get back the blogging groove after the “saga” (as termed by a piece of pork 😆 )


My silly hubs proudly pranced home on Sunday and whipped out a July copy of Smitten magazine. And he said, “I finally found it! Your latest issue!”

I gave him a WTF face and pointed the words “July 2008” to him. He reciprocated my WTF face and defended himself by saying “WTF! I forgot it was August already!”

Then on Tuesday, he came back with another issue of Smitten. This time round, it really is the latest issue.

“You see? I go to the 7-11 near my office all the time and I buy it for you the moment it comes out ok? I so clever hor?”

I really didn’t know how to react. Whether I should clobber him for buying the July issue thinking it was the latest, or to kiss him for finally buying the correct one.

This man really can be quite a cute fucktard at times.


Hahahahaha!! I think my thongs could be whining about the same thing too. Especially when I haven’t gone for waxes in a while. 😛


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