Late dinner @ Popeye’s

I wanted a dinner that wasn’t the same usual fare that I’ve been having, so I randomly mentioned Popeyes and Hubs said “why not?” and we hopped on a cab and headed to Singapore Flyer! (It’s much more economical to go there instead of the airport because there is airport surcharge lor.)

It’s not as bad as what some had described it to be, although I have to admit the fries came a bit cold. But we only got there about 10pm when there were barely any customers, so I really cannot blame the food for being a bit substandard.

Joshua has been having some trouble sleeping throughout the night (as I mentioned in my previous post) and so we decided to bring him out as well. I put him in the baby pouch and he just laid on my shoulder like the manja baby that he sometimes is.

He broke into a sly grin when we stepped into Popeyes. PapaNash asked him if he smelt that lovely food, and he nodded and grinned. This boy is going to grow up to be a foodie!

He really enjoyed the mash potatoes even though we felt it was too spicy for a baby. But he loved it! He was so busy pointing all over the table, telling us what to feed him with next. 😆

He also really enjoyed the biscuits with some strawberry jam. The chicken was juicy and tender, and he loved it as well. The fries were not to his liking though. He doesn’t like crispy foods (yet) and the fries were fried crispy. “FAIL” in his baby book of wonderful foods!

We decided to walk around the building for a bit to work off the dinner. Joshua toddled around and waved at random strangers, and he wanted us to buy tickets at the SG Flyer ticketing booth. When I told him they were closed already, he pouted. 😆

But he perked up right away when I told him he could get in free and we’ll come back another day. I suspect my kid is a cheapo just like his mommy.

Next, he spotted the Yakult Rainforest Discovery and wanted to go explore it. And so we did. But somehow he insisted we both hold his hands. I think he was a little spooked because it was quite dark in there.

Then he wanted to sit in the trishaw that was on display. And so he did.

Josh on trishaw

Yes, he was damn happy. :mrgreen:

One of these days have to bring him on a trishaw ride, otherwise he will grow up to be suakoo.

He had fun and we had fun. It was a short but great family time spent together. And this, is what makes me happy to be where I am. As I slowly watch him grow and know him better as a person, and him knowing me better with each day. (He knows exactly which day not to fuck around with me just by seeing my face.) I can no longer imagine having a meal without him around, or not being to take in his lovely baby smell.


But they’re all going to grow up one day, aren’t they? Meanwhile, I’m going to reap all of his baby cuteness while I still can. He’s shooooooo cute and funny! *pinches cheeks*


4 thoughts on “Late dinner @ Popeye’s

  1. You think your baby is suaku? I is even worse – I didn’t even know what the Singapore Flyer was!

    Or rather, I completely forgot. I simply know it as the huge arse ferris wheel thing. lol

  2. wah….ur boy sleeps so late ah.
    my sister’s baby sleep at 830pm very night!

    shell says: Usual bedtime is 10pm, but recently he doesn’t sleep very well at night, so he end up sleeping alot in the day. So just let him stay up later lor.

    We cannot put him to bed any earlier lor, if not he will never get to see his daddy! Daddy very often only leave the office around 8 lor.


    btw i can so totally imagine the look on his face when he see food lor!!

    still cannot forget that time when you fed him the fries. WAH LAU HIS SMILE WAS DAMN CUTE LOR!!!!

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