Perils of using a $55 phone!

1. My right thumb is cramped from sending text messages. The candybar form is probably too small to be ergonomic. Cute, small and light, but not very practical.

2. Teenage kids look at me as if I am holding a bomb and not a mobile phone. 😯

3. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why such a simple phone can lag so badly. 😡 Especially when I’m keying in a message. 3 more days of this, and I will threaten to throw the phone out the window just like how I was threatening to do that with the V9 that went cuckoo.

4. This phone has only three ringing styles. Vibrate, Ring, or Vibrate then ring. WTF?! WHY CANNOT VIBRATE AND RING AT THE SAME TIME?! 😡

5. I have to scroll about 5 times down the screen just to read one short SMS. Simply because the text size is too big, and the screen is too small.

6. No. You cannot select a smaller font size. They don’t give you that option. 🙄

7. Phone rings too softly despite having volume turned up all the way.

8. Phone size too small. I cannot kiap the phone between my head and shoulders (no, I’m not talking about the dandruff shampoo) and talk handsfree.

9. No. The handset doesn’t come with free earpiece.

But for $55, really cannot hiam lah. I only pray hard hard my V9 can fix. Or pray hard hard I can finally decide on a new phone so I can buy.
This is what they mean by good things don’t come cheap. $55 nia, mai hiam liao lor. :mrgreen:


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