So cheap, can die.

I bought my second mobile phone for myself. Yes, after many many years.

I recall the first mobile I got for myself was the Nokia 7250. Actually, I don’t remember what model it was at all. I just went on Google a few minutes ago and did a blind search for it. šŸ˜†

What I do remember was parting with a huge chunk of my pathetic $1300 salary as a 19 year old to buy the phone. And it was only due to necessity because I stay faithful to each of my phones until they start to show symptoms of my abuse. Most of my phones survive around 2 years, as I usually try to be careful with them. I don’t see a need to change phones just because something fancier is out in the market. As long as it works for me, I don’t really give a shit about what other fancy new functions other phones out there boast of.

But some equipment were just not made to last. I have sworn off Nokia and jumped ship to Motorola in 2006.

But the Motorola I received for X’mas… it went crazy on me recently. It started freezing randomly, lagging periodically and now the ringer sounds all funny as if it was singing underwater. Many of the people who call me have also complained that they cannot hear me despite the loud volume that I constantly speak at.

I have had enough, but I still can’t figure out which phone I am going to get next. iPhone 3G? SE X1? Samsung Omnia? LG Secret? Too many options, but nothing that suits my exact needs. So I did the most logical thing… I went to Mustafa and bought the cheapest, most decent handset that was on sale.

$55 for a Samsung SGH-B110!

Damn cheap lor. :mrgreen: And I like how the box says “Simply Mine”, machiam they know I bought it for myself like that.

Then now I will wait for Hubs to help me decide which “proper” phone to get next. This one is more like… masak masak only while I bring my RAZR2 V9 to the Motorola Service Centre to see if it can be fixed. This one is so basic that I don’t even know what to do with it!


One thought on “So cheap, can die.

  1. *kowtows to you*

    i think i can never never get used to such a basic phone anymore…have been using windows mobile-enabled phone for some time, i need my wifi, music, huge memory space, games…damn lor, i’m kinda a slave to Bill Gates, making him richer & richer by buying his products!!! Not cheap leh…

    shell says: If you are slave to Bill Gates, then I am slave to Steve Jobs. šŸ˜†

    I also dunno what phone to buy leh, so buy cheapo one tahan lor. Hope my V9 can fix up, cos iPhone not out yet and I not confirm I want iPhone also…

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