shockingly happy

Joshua has been unbelievably well-behaved for the past 2 weeks. So good, that I am constantly in shock.

Today, he allowed me to trim his nails, clean his ears and brush his teeth. All without any struggle or complain. I was so shocked I had to call Hubs just to tell him about this miraculous behaviour.

Usually Joshua kicks up a big fuss when you try to trim his nails. Regardless of how you scare him about germs, looking gross, scratching himself, etc. And I formerly had to entice him with Florida’s Natural fruit juice nuggets (aka “candy”) to let me clean out his ears. It shits me to no end when I see huge pieces of ear wax just lying in there, waiting to be extracted.

But today… he just… complied. šŸ˜•

He had a mooncake after his morning bath, and then promptly requested to have a nap. On his own accord. Usually I have to argue with him the benefits of napping and how if he doesn’t, he’ll run a fever. And even then, he never really listens. He’ll argue a million times about how he’s not tired, while rubbing his eyes and yawning furiously.

I am in a state of happy shock.

He also made me laugh a couple of times this morning by pulling a few new stunts.

He toddled to our kitchen cabinet, pulled open the second drawer and fished around for his pack of biscuits. Then insisted I open a pack for him.

He finished it, then waved the empty pack at me, beckoning me to throw it away for him. After I did his bidding like a slave, he thanked me by stroking my face with his yucky biscuit-covered hands.

Then when I stripped him down to go bath, I walked away for a moment to throw away his dirty diaper. When I returned, he covered his crotch with both hands and screamed as if he was embarrassed to be caught naked. šŸ˜†

So funny lah.

I laughed at his antics, and he chuckled along with me.

I love this funny boy so so so much.


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