adapting to technology

The thing about switching between phones of different brands, is that it takes some time to re-learn how to input your SMSes.

I collected my V9 from the service centre last night, and am glad to announce it no longer rings as if it was underwater. So far, none of the old crankiness has showed up yet and I’m quite happy with that.

But I had to fumble with the text input and the functions for the first couple of times I had to use it. And I have to say, I don’t really like adapting to and fro phones.

I had just gotten the hang of using that $55 Samsung! 😑

Is there such a thing as the PERFECT phone??

I want a phone with good camera with flash, friendly GUI, touchscreen, no software bugs (which means no hanging, crashing, etc) and if it has WLAN compatibility, I want it to have tabbed browsing. Best if it’s not pretty and not the sort that looks like a black piece of brick. Have or not? Recommendations are welcome. (Price is not an issue.)


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