this is how I take a break

4.30am in the morning, and after 1.5 hours of back-breaking wrapping of packages on the floor, this is how I’m taking a break. I’ve already procrastinated for far too long, and I don’t want my spreers to get all anxious about their stuff.

Come Saturday, I’ll be having a stall at again (probably the last one I’ll be joining), and there’ll be lots more packing to be done, so TONIGHT is seriously my deadline despite my constant sleepiness.

The husband had concussed on the couch minutes after we got home from an emergency Mustafa run. Diapers are a very important baby staple and my son’s XL-sized ass is hard to please. Not all places stock XL and some places sell our usual brand at a ridiculous 20% more than what we pay for at Mustafa. 😕 I don’t even know why.

This may be the latest I have stayed up all week. I’ve been going to bed before 2am and deep asleep within 30 minutes (and 2 sudoku games) later. I fear I may not be able to lie on my tummy and tinkle my DS lite much longer at the rate I am growing fat.

There is only ONE position for me to play DS lite in. Tummy down, in bed. I am a weird tart.

Now it’s time to paste the stamps on the packages. Breaktime’s over. *pummels aching back*


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