random haven

Sold most of my brand new stuff at the fleamart, but only enough to not lose money. 😦


If I don’t stop eating, I will explode very soon.


Mushroom swiss burger with extra extra lots lots of mushrooms!
Steak! (Les Bouchons will be bery good.)
Pig’s Organ Soup!
Smoked salmon rosti with lots of ketchup and sour cream!
Salmon sashimiiiiiii!
Tontoro ramen!
Chilli crab!
Fish maw soup!
Sweet & Sour pork!
Popeye’s mashed potatoes!
Ice Cold Beer’s pizza pizza!
Little Jerry’s choc cookies!
Katong Laksa!
Iced yuan yang!
Bery good steamed fish with lots of light soya sauce!
Sichuan sour vege soup!

OMG. This list doesn’t end. 😆


I have a sudden urge to go shopping at Cotton On for purple color clothing. It’s a natural reflex whenever I feel unhappy. Hurhur.


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